Adobe Media Player

Adobe Media Player

Adobe media player : Fusion of TV shows and videos with Internet
The product is discontinued by the developer

Adobe media player 1.7 is a cross-platform desktop media player particularly intended to play streamed or downloaded media content when you are on- or off-line. This application provides an interesting way to watch videos online. If you choose to download your videos, this application would do it automatically even if you are offline.
It offers varied features for navigating, organizing, and subscribing to video content. You can organize a list of favorites, add ratings to flash videos, manage your personal video library by filtering favorites and library based on keywords and tags. By subscribing to your favorite shows, this application will automatically download them for you when new episodes are available.
For media content creators, advertisers and delivery partners, Adobe media player helps build and define branding and advertising in and around their content. Content publishers can track and increase viewership by offering new content via RSS feeds. Adobe media player tracks the usage and ensures protection of the content.

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Download link is unavailable since the product is discontinued

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  • Quick Catalog search
  • Continuous play
  • Content status indicator
  • Automatically download latest episodes of your favorite TV shows
  • Flexibility to view, whether you are online or offline


  • Shows are available only for USA
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